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You were 100% right!!! WHOA.

He and I talked and you were 100% right!!! Whoa. I was praying so hard for closure with him and for him to tell me what happened so I could understand and speak my  truth. I was in agony and misery for 3 weeks. Your reading was the closure I needed and I had no idea I didn't need to talk to him to receive it. Thank you so much. You're an angel.

  - MB, San Francisco, CA

I can't wait for us to be together!

Thank you so much for my reading! I wasn't sure if he was the one but now I know he is but it's just not the right time. And your response was quick! I can't wait for us to finally be together. 

Thank you Jennifer! 

- BB, Lincoln, NB

Her reading was spot on.

Jennifer is a talented intuitive and her reading was spot on. She took her time explaining the messages and also was a caring listener. The meditation exercises that she recommended for me and my twin flame are already starting to work and I feel have brought me much peace. Thanks Jennifer! 

- AF Brea, CA

About Jennifer

Jennifer Kathryn, Angel Intuitive


Jennifer is an Angel Intuitive, which means she has taken extra training to understand Angel Therapy methods, given professional readings, and has studied to obtain a worldwide recognized designation in spiritually-based healing work. 

Working with your guardian angels, she wants to help you find your Soul Mate. Your guardian angels cannot intervene in your life unless you ask, because they do not interfere with your God-given free will. Working with real world experience, common sense, and your guardian angels, she will guide you into the romance of your dreams. Wishing and hoping will not get you there.

She is the author of Dating With Intuition, a book that serves as a guide to improve your love life. 

Personal Consultations


Jennifer offers one on one consultations to help you with your love life. Romance readings, guidance, or coaching sessions on dating and romance are offered via Skype. 

Dating With Intuition


Jennifer's new book, Dating With Intuition, offers 5 steps to the love life you have always dreamed of. She combines real world experience with angel intuitive guidance to help anyone find the love they desire through 5 definitive steps, right now. 


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